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Speed Training 40 Yard Dash


Most of the speed training 40 yard dash is going to be in the acceleration phase so we need to put a majority of the focus here. The acceleration phase is 0 – 30 yards. Your training should focus on the start of the 40 so you can do it as efficient as possible while you also learn how to drive out strong and forceful.

A proper training plan is crucial but you do not need expensive equipment to have a successful plan. So, speed training for the 40 yard dash doesn’t have to be as complicated as everyone makes it sound.

Too often football athletes that are running the 40 stand up right away from the start and try to run as fast as possible. Standing up from the beginning of the run is definitely a mistake. The first few steps, or drive phase, should focus on attacking the ground and applying force. Doing this will keep your body angle low and low to the ground.

If you try to be to quick with your legs, you will not be using your full strength to drive out and although you might feel a little faster because your legs are moving quicker, you will actually have a slower time and not set yourself up to be in the best possible position. This is what happens when you ‘stand up’ too quickly off of the start.

When you look at the fastest runners in the world, track and field sprinters, you will understand why they use starting blocks. The blocks put them in the position to apply great force at the start and keep their bodies low to the ground.

When you are running the 40 yard dash and you applying a lot of force at the start, your body will gradually start to rise into an upright position. Drive out so the body is at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Make sure you don’t force it or try and rise too quickly. When you try and stay low you normally hold yourself down by breaking at the hips. This will limit the amount of force you can apply to the ground and will lead to poor acceleration so, let your upper body unfold naturally.

Here is a great speed training 40 yard dash workout that you can use:


Acceleration Workout

  • 3x 25 meters – push up start
  • 3x 25 meters – 4 point stance
  • 2x 30 meters – 3 point stance
  • 1 x 40 – 3 point stance

Follow this workout and to create the acceleration speed you were looking for. This is just a starting point so you can increase the distances or add resistance using a weighted vest, speed parachute, tubing, weighted sleds and more. Best of luck with your 40 yard dash speed training.